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That would be when Connie told me that we were finished.. done with.. quits..

I'd been alone before her, but it's funny how quickly you get used to having someone in your life, how quickly you forget just exactly how it felt to spend entire days without talking to someone, without sharing yourself with someone..

One day she was there, sitting outside the hut, laughing and playing with one of those long necklaces of hers, the next it was as if she'd never been there, it was as if I'd imagined it all.

I felt the emptiness would swallow me, crumble me to dust. That was when I started talking to the woods.. But I found that the woods could hear me, that they'd been looking over me all along and that they would help me.
They promised life, they promised love, they promised I would not be alone anymore.
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Mellors leans on the doorframe, a happy grin on his face as he watches the Blouseman play with the cats out in the clearing.

His beautiful golden man...

Mellors closes his eyes for a moment and breathes in the scent of the woods, the feel of evening settling in and the first star appearing high above the branches, now clad again in gently murmuring green leaves. Walker's laughter floats lazily in the air and a kaleidoscope of memories dances behind the Gamekeeper's closed eyelids..

So many of them, and he cherishes them all..
Still, there is one that will be forever imprinted in his soul, one that he is sure will be with his spirit when the time will come to return his body to the earth..

The memory of the day he found a stranger on the path that led to the clearing, a golden barefoot stranger who made even the sun stand still, a golden man who left with a key and returned, again and again to the woods until even the woods themselves wanted him to stay forever.
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Mellors reads the question again and again, struggling to follow its train of thought. He understands the two ways of being, being too gullible versus being too skeptical, what he cannot understand is why one should be afraid of being either of the two things

You are the way you are, you cannot change that so the only thing there is to do is learn to live with it. And if you start getting afraid of being the way you are, then you being to be afraid of living and that is a sure way to ruin your life.

As to himself, the Gamekeeper knows he's a gullible fool, he only has to think of Connie to be reminded of just how gullible he has been, believing that Her Ladyship would really fall for someone like him, a nobody. Still he believes, he believes in all the things that matter to him and he thinks that his faith in things makes him stronger.
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Time really doesn't mean much to the Gamekeeper, he's always been able to tell the time of the day by the position of the sun in the sky or by the shadows cast by the trees.

Still he wears a watch, a beautiful gold pocket watch, secured to the pocket of his waistcoat by a golden chain. It is his most valuable possession and it is not the kind of watch a humble gamekeeper would normally be able to afford, but it is not the gold or the fine clockwork that makes it so precious to him, and when he does flip it open it is not really to check the time but to read again and again the words engraved inside it.

Our time together means everything

A rough-skinned thumb follows the words lovingly and when he closes the watch and puts it back in his pocket his skin is tingling with the love they express.
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Mellors steps out of Sir Clifford's studio with his ears still burning from the harsh, verbal lashing he's just received.
What he does or does not do has really little meaning to His Lordship, what the man really wants is to have the feeling that he's in control.. Even sitting in a wheelchair and having to depend on others to carry out every personal chore for him he likes to treat those who work for him like puppets and pull their strings, making them dance to his tune.

His shoulders pressed into the rich brocade lining the wall of the corridor outside Sir Clifford's room, Mellors takes a couple of deep breaths, allowing his face to contort into the scowl he had to hold back while in there, and wonders briefly if things might have been different had Sir Clifford come back from Flanders healthy and walking on his own legs..

Still.. things are as they are and there is little he can do about it, dissatisfied or not. His Lordship and his Gamekeeper might not be meant to get along well, but get along the Gamekeeper had to.. The alternative would be to leave the woods and that was unthinkable of.

Straightening his shoulders Mellors starts walking down the corridor, long strides that will take him home quickly. Every paradise has its snake, but his own paradise is such that it truly makes the snake seem just a worm.


Feb. 19th, 2005 09:49 pm
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It is strange how some people always need words, when if they just used their eyes they would be so much richer...

Mellors leans on the door of the house with a mug of scalding hot tea in his hand. There is a fine layer of mist on the ground but the light of the dawn is already golden in the sky and fills the air with the promise of sun. Even with the trees still bare the woods are beautiful and it is easy for him to hear the life thrumming under the surface, getting ready for the glory of spring.

Such beauty, and they're the only two who have the privilege of seeing it... He shakes his head in amazement and drinks the last of his tea before going back into the kitchen and filling a second mug that he takes to the bedroom.

The dawn light coming in from the skylight bathes the sleeping man in a soft light that makes him seem even more golden.

He's so beautiful, Mellors thinks, and he's the only one who has the privilege of seeing such beauty.
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India's the furthest away I've been from Tevershall, that's where I was born.

Went to India with the Army, ran away to join it if truth be said, all I had at home was a job as a blacksmith and a wife who made me life a living hell. I liked it in the Army, got to be a commissioned lieutenant which was not bad for a miner's son, but then I got pneumonia and got sent home.

I wasn't really happy to be back here at first, but now there's nowhere else I would choose to be.
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No. Flat out no.

She'll say she wants just friendship, companionship, understanding. And she will be truthful when she says it, because she doesn't know herself, she doesn't know what she really wants.

Women are very good at hiding stuff from themselves or prettifying it to suit the image of themselves they have.

They'll start out right, saying how good and comfortable it is for them to be with you, with a friend who asks nothing of them, but soon.. very soon.. the light in their eyes will change, a calculating look will sneak into them.. I wonder what he would be like.. And they won't let it rest until they've found out, it's in their nature.
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From [ profile] wild_callie

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Spend more time snuggling puppies.

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You want to know now?

Cause me birthday's a long time from now, it's in the spring, when the first new leaves are out on the trees and the sun warms the soil and the birds sing again.

And that is what I would like to have, a little house for the birds to come and visit. I know they have the entire woods and their nests and their special places, but still I would like to see a little house up in the tree near the hut.

I'd leave seeds there and when the nesting season comes soft dry grass. And I know the kittens would have the time of their life watching the birds come and go from the house.

Yes, a bird house... I could easily build one, but somehow I never seem to have the time to do it, and it feels silly to let the more important stuff lag behind to make meself a bird house...

Still... it would be nice...
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Just yesterday my love was saying the two of us lead a charmed existence... that we eat, we sleep, we play and we make love.

Of course we do more than just that, a life without responsibilities would be empty, would lessen our appreciation of the time we have just to spend as we wish. So I'll add that I see to my duties as Sir Clifford's gamekeeper and my love works on making our life and our house safe and comfortable and helps me care for the woods.

It may not seem much to many people, we wield no power, we are no quality... We have just what His Lordship pays me and my pension from the Army, plus what my love brings back when he travels to his world.

Most would not be content with what we have, but me... me I drop down to my knees and thank the spirits of the woods for having granted me all that I have, a perfect love and the chance to live it in the best place in the world.

A date

Nov. 19th, 2004 10:32 pm
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It started like any other day, nothing to make me think that one would be different.

Had my tea with some bread and butter, then I went out into the woods to check on the pheasant pens and patrol the boundaries of Wragby Hall.

I'd almost completed my rounds and was back at the clearing near the hut when I saw him.
A blond man in strange trousers and an unbuttoned shirt with a fancy pattern.
Barefoot. Golden. Looking lost.
Beautiful and sweet, so much so that the sun stood still for us and the time stopped while we loved each other.

He was with me just for that day, and it broke my heart when he had to leave the woods and go back to his world.

That night I remained at the hut instead of going back to the cottage.
I lay on the haybed and I fancied I could still smell the scent of him on my skin. I dreamed of feeling the hair on his chest tickling my back and the hammer pendant he was wearing press into my flesh, leaving his mark into my soul forever.

But the woods are wise and caring, they brought him back to me, again and again.
And once we proved that ours was true love he was allowed him to stay.
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From [ profile] davidshow

I know my love likes the music these two guys do, so I thought I would try this.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

I'm Bridge Over Troubled Water!

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Invulnerability… that is not stuff that belongs with us men, we are vulnerable and there’s no hiding that.

As for me, there are two things that can make me feel vulnerable and invulnerable at the same time, two sides of one same coin.

The woods… They’re so much more than I am… Ancient and timeless, strong and wise… When I walk among their massive trunks and under their rustling branches I know how vulnerable and insignificant I am compared to them. Yet they are generous and give me much of the strength that I have, so that there are times when I feel I am almost invulnerable as long as I live in the woods and am attuned to them.

Then there’s Walker. My love for him makes me as vulnerable as a newborn babe, but his love for me makes me invulnerable.
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Mellors eyes the still-empty shell of the hut. It's almost done and, if the weather holds mild like it's been doing for the past weeks, soon they will be able to move in.

Home, together...

Some furniture will come from the cottage, then there are the pieces the Blouseman said he has in storage back in his world. Mellors himself can make anything else they might need, working on the pheasant pens has given him enough skill as a carpenter.

They have everything they need.. each other, a home, the kittens and the woods to look over them.

But... if he had money, the kind of money Sir Clifford has and his Gamekeeper can only imagine, what he would get for the house would be the finest, sturdy mattress made of sheep wool, and a comforter filled with the best, lightest, warmest goose down.

They would spend the nights curled into each other, warm and comfortable, looking up at the stars through the window in the roof. But they will do it anyway, even on a simple, common straw mattress, and they'll be as warm and happy.
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I never considered myself the adventurous kind, though there have been times when I chose the path only a reckless man would.
When I let my infatuation with Her Ladyship turn into a full relationship, for instance. Or when after we broke apart I was of a mind to go to Canada and start a new life...

Still I never sought out adventure, it was adventure that sought me out in the form of a blond, blue-eyed wild man. He's turned my life upside down and made every moment of it into an adventure we live together.

He's my adventure, the only one I want to live.
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Why should I procrastinate?

If the problem is there, it won't be going anywhere until I take action, is it? Then ignoring it is bound to be sort of difficult..

Problems you don't want to face seem to have a way of getting between you and anything else you're supposed to be doing or thinking.

Better confront them and get them out of the way. I don't want problems in my life and in my woods, so I'll kick their sorry arse out of it as soon as I spot them, the way I would do with a poacher.
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I live in the woods, it isn't as if there is a crowd around here, leaders like they had when I was in the army and people who would follow them around and take orders.

There's me, and the Blouseman, and Hendrix and Santana.

I reckon that if we four had a leader it would be Hendrix... That kitten really has a mind of his own and can be quite bossy.

Me I wouldn't mind following him around, as long as I have my Blouseman by my side and the four of us are together and are here in the woods where we're safe and happy.

If we have that why should I care about leading or following?
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