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As Mellors comes to the edge of the clearing he can hear the soft murmur of Walker's voice and it surprises him.

Their house is deep into the woods and visitors are extremely rare. Old Joe will stop now and then to check how their greenhouse is doing. One of Cook's minions will detour here on her way to the village when asked to deliver some special treat to the two men. But these are rare occurrences, so the Gamekeeper wonders who is it that the Blouseman is talking to.

He stops by an old oak and the scene he spies through its low, leafy branches brings a huge smile to his face.

Walker is sprawled in front of the house, bare feet deep into the lush grass, the two cats curled up at his sides.

Mellors can see his lips moving and can barely catch its low drawl, making out a word here and there.. something about rabbits holding tea parties down their rabbit holes. He's apparently telling them a story and the cats are listening. Santana with rapt fascination, green eyes open wide and barely blinking. Hendrix with an air of casual absorption, shifting now and then to smooth with his tongue a patch of fur but meowing imperiously when the Blouseman stops to take breath.

Tempted as he is to join them, Mellors stays back, hidden by the oak and enjoying the beauty of it. Smiling.


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July 2010


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