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I have a fairly easy life here in the woods of Wragby Hall, a charmed life as my Blouseman calls it. I guess most of you wold say that I have no need to relax because I have very little cause to feel pressure.

Still there are times when I get home angry.. when some poachers have been in my woods and during my rounds I find little creatures trapped in their snares, not even dead, just trapped and suffering.. or when I have to go up to the Hall to see His Lordship.. he seems to bring out the worst in me and when he gives me his orders I feel the blood rushing around and around in my veins, like a brook after a bad storm..

But it doesn't take much for things to calm down again and for me to relax... I only need to take the trail that goes through the woods and leads to the clearing where we have our home. Even before I get there, I know that as soon as I open the door two pesky cats will twine themselves around my ankles and try to trip me and that my man will be there and will look at me as if I'm the most wonderful thing he's ever seen.

He has blue eyes, and they're so clear and guileless that they put the summer sky to shame. The only thing I need to do to relax and forget about any care the day has brought me is look into them.
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July 2010


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